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How to Increase the Value of a Donor's Check

How to Increase the Value of a Donor's Check
by Mark Martini, Campaign Secrets

Most campaigns simply "process" contribution checks, looking for little more than the name and amount on each check. By doing so, they overlook important hidden information.

And this information is key in turning a $25 check today into a $100 check tomorrow.

Specifically, you should look for two things on every check your campaign receives:

1. Who signed the check?

Most married couples have joint checking accounts, with the husband usually listed first on the check. That doesn't necessarily mean, however, that the husband sent the contribution.

The key is to look at who signed the check. That's the person who should get your thank you letter as well as the next housefile mailing.

2. Are there any logos or quotes?

A logo or quote printed on a check will give you a good indication of what motivated the donor to give.

For example, if the check has a pro-life logo or quote on it, you can be sure abortion is a key issue for that donor. If the check has a Republican elephant, they're probably more of a party donor interested in beating Democrats. You can use this information to better tailor your message for each donor.

It doesn't take much time and effort. But looking for and recording this hidden information will help you increase the value of every check you receive.

Pinch pennies today. You'll be thankful in October.

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