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How to Fundraise on the Fly… On Your Phone.

How to Fundraise on the Fly… On Your Phone
by John Phillips, Aristotle

Mobile processing is seemingly everywhere you look these days. From the vendor at your local farmer’s market, to the new frozen yogurt shop that uses a tablet and card reader instead of a cash register. And, it’s no wonder they are so popular – the majority of people use their debit and credit cards for nearly everything. If I arrive at a restaurant or shop that doesn’t accept credit cards, I am more likely to turn around and leave rather than look for an ATM.

Most PACs already accept credit cards – but doing so at an event or conference can turn into a logistical nightmare. Most normal credit card readers need to be connected to a special phone line and require “closing out” at the end of the day. And have you ever tried to read someone else’s handwriting on a credit card contribution form days after an event? You’ll start to wonder why they stopped teaching penmanship in school.

Here at Aristotle we’ve come up with the perfect solution to this problem – it’s called AMP. With our mobile app and card reader, you’ll be able to process credit card contributions anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet. And the best part is that AMP will sync seamlessly with your Aristotle database. Once you’ve swiped a credit card, AMP will search your database for the contributor, and pull up all of the legally necessary information – address, employer, occupation and email. You’ll be able to make changes if you need to (or even add a new record!), and once the transaction is processed, all of your changes – and the record of the receipt – will be recorded automatically in the database.

No more messy data entry or imports, no more merchant accounts. Let Aristotle and AMP give your PAC a head start.

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