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THE CA-25 SPECIAL - the Los Angeles County seat that KATIE HILL (D) is vacating is an election to watch. It is a toss-up. It was a Republican seat; Katie Hill (D) won this seat. Republican MIKE GARCIA and Democrat CHRISTY SMITH appear to be neck and neck.

2020 Presidential Electoral Vote Ratings: - GOP: 204.  DEM: 268. TOSS-UP: 66 -  Arizona (11); Florida (29); Nebraska2nd (1); North Carolina (15). TILT DEM: 36  –Michigan (16); Pennsylvania (20); TILT REP: 1 – Maine 2nd (1). LEAN DEM: 14 – Minnesota (10); New Hampshire (4); LEAN REP: 22 – Georgia (16); Iowa (6).  
 In 2016: GOP: 304. DEM: 227.  From Inside Elections with Nathan Gonzales.

Louisiana presidential primary - moved from April 4 to June 20. Georgia presidential primary moved from March 24 to May 19 due to Coronavirus. AZ, FL, IL OH will hold primaries as scheduled. 

Democratic Presidential Convention - DNC postponing the Democratic presidential convention. It has been moved from July 13 to August 17. Still in Milwaukee. And, it is one week before the Republican convention

Democratic Debate, Sunday - between Biden and Sander has been moved from Phoenix to Washington, DC. It is sponsored by CNN and Univision. DNC has banned an audience. There is also be no “spin room” or filing center for the media.

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