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2019-20 Gubernatorial Ratings: Currently, 27 GOP and 23 Dem Governors. In 2019, there are 18 Governors not up for re-election. For 2019 elections: 5 Republican and 2 Democratic Governors are solid, and 4 Republican and 3 Democratic Governors are competitive. (Nathan Gonzales Inside Elections). Specifics to follow.

2019-20 Gubernatorial Ratings: Toss-up: Edwards (D,LA), MT Open (Bullock, D); Tilt Democrats: Cooper (D,NC); Lean Republican (MS Open (Bryant, R), Bevin (R,KY), Sununu (R, NH); Likely Republican: Scott (R,VT); Solid Democrat: Carney (D,DE), Inslee (D,WA); Solid Republican: Burgum (R,ND), Herbert (R,UT), Holcomb (R,IN), Justice (R,WV), Parson (R,MO).

Summary - Democrats won a net 40 seats in the new 116th Congress. There will be 235 Democrats and 200 Republicans taking the oath. 100 incoming freshmen - 62 will be Democrats and 38 will be Republicans. Forty-two will be women - 4 are Republicans and 38 are Democrats. (Mullins Report).

2020 Senate Ratings - Toss-up: Gardner (R,CO), McSally (R,AZ); Tilt Republican: Collins (R,ME), Tillis (R,NC); Lean Republican: Jones (D,AL); Perdue (R,GA); Likely Democratic: Peters (D-MI): Shaheen (D,NH); Smith (D,MN); Likely Republican: Ernst (R,IA) (Elections with Nathan Gonzales)

Governorships - 2018 – 33 Republican Governors, 16 Dems, 1 Independent. After the election – 27 GOP Governors and 23 Dems. (Mullings Report)

Orange County - California, formerly red. Now Dems control all the U.S. House seats.

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