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Florida Gubernatorial Election - Surprise victory, brutal general election. Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum (FL,D), African-American, supported by Senator Bernie Sanders, won a surprise Democratic Primary victory. He will face Rep. Ron DeSantis (Fl, R), supported by President Donald Trump.


8/18/2018 - 2018 House Ratings from Nathan Gonzales, Inside Elections – The following are seats that are a Toss-Up (12R, 2D): CA 39 (Open; Royce, R); CA 48 (Rohrabacher, R); CO 6 (Coffman,R); IA1 (Blum, R); MI 11 (Open, Trott, R); MN 1 (Open, Walz, DFL); MN 2(Lewis, R); MN 8 (Open, Nolan, DFL); NY 19 (Faso, R); NY 22 (Tenney, R); TX 32 (Sessions, R).
In total, Gonzales thinks Republicans are defending 76 seats to Democrats defending 10 seats.

Elections to watch - AZ – Open Senate Seat (Sen. Jeff Flake- R, AZ) – Rep. Primary -Rep. Martha McSally (R) facing former St. Sen. Kelli Ward (R). McSally didn’t back Trump in 2016. And Ward is an immigration hard-liner and fervent Trump supporter. Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is also running. The winner will face Rep. Krysten Sinema (D, AZ).

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