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Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has picked Nicole Shanahan, a tech entrepreneur from Oakland CA, as his Vice-Presidential choice. Shanahan has never run for office and is a major financial contributor to the Kennedy campaign.

2024 Super Tuesday results:
With 1215 delegates needed to win the nomination: 
Donald Trump(R) has 995 delegates
Nikki Haley (dropped our 3/6/24) has 89 delegates
Ron DeSantis (dropped out 1/21/2024) has 9 delegates
Vivek Ramaswamy (dropped out 1/15/2024) has 3 delegates

2024 Super Tuesday results:
NC Governor’s race, Repub Mark Robinson will face Dem. State Atty Josh stein.
CA, Dem. Rep Adam Schiff, will face former baseball star Steve Garvey.
TX, Repub. Sen. Ted Cruz will face Dem. Hse Colin Allred.
MN, 19 % of Dems cast ballots for “uncommitted” to protest Bien’s Israel policy, larger that the MI vote last week.

Special election in Nassau County, NY. Democrat Tom Suozzi won back his former seat in NY 3rd CD, defeating Republican Mazi Melesa Pilip. Suozzi (D) with 53.9% and Pilip ® with 46.1%. This was the seat held by ousted Rep. George Santos. It narrows the Republican edge in the US House to 5 votes.

The 6 Battleground states that will determine the 2024 Presidential election. They are: PA, WI, MI, NC, AZ, GA. These states have moved back and forth from one party to the other. Each state has a designated number of electoral votes, based upon population. In 2020 – Republicans had a solid 219 electoral votes. Democrats had a solid 232 votes. The winning candidate needs a majority of the electoral college votes. There are a total of 538 electoral votes so, if the pundits are correct, the 6 swing states, representing 87 votes, will decide the 2024 Presidential election. (The Hill).

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